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We're trying to streamline software development here at YelloSoft, picking up helpful tools like Vagrant and Puppet. Along the way, we wrote Hello Vagrant, a colorful introduction for using Vagrant to organize the chaos of corporate software development.

Posted on Mon, 3 Feb 2014

IOS7Crypt is now on the iOS App Store!

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Posted on Wed, 22 Jan 2014

New Year Buzz

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YelloSoft: Active on GitHub, not dormant! We've moved most of our work to GitHub's wonderful version controlled project hosting platform, but didn't spend enough time bragging about it here on the YelloSoft blog. If looks dead, try our GitHub, or Twitter.

For YelloSoft, 2013 was a year of command line futzing: discovering ways to grok files, folders, projects, and version controlled repositories into submission. Many dotfiles were reengineered, armies of linters invaded, and specs were sent in scads, as bugs surfaced and squashed.

Tutorials were light this year. A minimal Hadoop tutorial with fully qualified example code was uploaded, and cheatsheets for Emacs, Vim, and Nano were expanded. We've slowed down on publishing tutorials, because we haven't focused on learning many new technologies. If we spot a neat gizmo, we're sure to tell you all about it!

YelloSoft plans a few GUI apps in the new year, such as an iOS (iPhone, iPad) port of the old Cisco-ish ios7crypt password encrypter / decrypter to complete the Android + Windows Phone + iOS trifecta. But we intend to leave most of our feet in the sysadmin door, with new tools like moss and flipping to slay the pernicious yaks of software development.

Posted on Wed, 8 Jan 2014

Happy Birthday, YelloSoft!


In 2008, YelloSoft started as a handful of desktop apps, mostly menulets that go bump in the night. Computer technology has significantly changed since then, such as the rise of cloud computing and mobile devices. We're still making software, like our first Android app, a Cisco router password decrypter. But the landscape has shifted, and YelloSoft is shifting with it. We're transitioning more to software as a service, and YelloSoft's preference for small, Unix-like modules goes a long way toward making reusable, remixable computing services.

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Posted on Wed, 16 Jan 2013

Thanksgiving Update


This November, YelloSoft is giving back to the software community. We've added a new Feedback link to make it easier to trade bug reports and feature requests. We're continuing to host installers for third party software, including mirroring BootCamp 4.0 driver downloads to make them more accessible.

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Posted on Fri, 16 Nov 2012